Bone Mountain Motor Gear, LLC Company Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Motorcycle Dealers

Bone Mountain Motor Gear, LLC MAP policy is 5% discount from the MSRP on all Motorcycle and Power Sport Products
This Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy establishes standards for all applicable advertisements of the Bone Mountain Motor Gear branded motorcycle, power sport and automobile products. This policy is to reinforce the high quality image and value of the Products in the marketplace. Any advertisement that pictures, references, or otherwise describes a covered Product is subject to this policy. This MAP policy applies to any dealer that our authorized distributors sell to.

The MAP policy applies to all forms of advertising, including but not limited to, on-line and print. Once a dealer is notified of a breach of the policy by phone or fax or email they must suspend immediately the advertisement that is in violation. The Company and authorized distributor will enforce this policy.

In the event a reseller fails to comply with the MAP policy, Bone Mountain Motor Gear, LLC specifically reserves the right to:

Process of Noticing and Correcting MAP Policy Violation

All decisions will be communicated in writing and /or email.

The Company’s pricing team is the entity authorized to communicate MAP policy updates, changes and decisions along with the actual MAP prices. This team is made up of the company Senior Managers. No other member of the Company, the Distributor, or the Account Representatives are authorized to modify or amend the MAP policy and pricing without prior written authorization from the Company’s Pricing Team.

This is a unilateral policy. The company will not communicate with any reseller regarding any other reseller's advertising practices for MAP products, nor discuss its decisions regarding MAP issues.

Appeals may be substituted in writing to the Pricing Committee.

Advertising Covered by the Company MAP Policy
The Company MAP Policy applies to all forms of dealer advertising, including but not limited to the following categories:

A. Print advertising such as newspapers, magazines, and multi media inserts.

B. Broadcast advertising, such as advertising on FCC-licensed radio and TV stations, public or cable television sponsorships.

C. Direct mail advertising, such as catalogs, flyers, newsletters, and broadcast faxes.

D. On-line advertising including:

1. E-mail blasts. Any promotional e-mail either originating from the reseller. Any web pages that link from an e-mail are considered part of the same advertisement.

2. Internet advertising (in all areas of a website above the ‘shopping cart’ level on the website and other pages that follow upon ‘click-through’) including:

a. Internet-only ‘e-tailers’ that offer covered products, ie, Amazon, Ebay.

b. Websites of traditional retailers, distributors, and mail-order businesses that offer covered products including membership clubs.

c. On-line services and portal sites that advertise covered products (such as,,

d. Shopping sites (‘bots’) and pricing search engines that advertise prices offered on covered products (such as,,,,

e. Auction sites with a minimum or starting bid (such as,

f. ’Banner Ads’ for a covered product placed on any website (including the store’s own website) and pages that follow banner ads upon ‘click-through’.

Advertising Not covered by the MAP Policy:

A. Non-advertised in-store merchandising.

B. The shopping carts of a website, as long as the product was placed there by the consumer (by clicking an ‘Order” or ‘Add to Cart’ button). Informational product pages must reflect MAP pricing.

C. Password-protected web site and direct mail pieces, not accessible by general public, which target:

1. Employee Purchase Program

2. A specific customer that has negotiated special pricing with the reseller.

3. Membership sites that require a membership number and password to be entered before being able to view pricing.

MAP Guidelines:

Except as specifically allowed elsewhere in this policy, advertisements featuring a Company branded product may not offer a covered product at a price less than MAP.

Advertising without reference to a price does not violate this policy. ‘Call for price’, ‘too low to show price’ or ‘click here to see price’ are not considered violation of this policy.

MAP strike-thru (example: $119.99) are not considered violations of this policy.

Product Bundles. All bundles should be advertised at combined MAP prices of covered products.

Rebates and Other discount offers

A rebate or other discount offer may be advertised on a covered product, in accordance with the latest MAP.

I. Offers for special financing terms or free service (shipping, installation, technical support, maintenance, training and the like) are acceptable on any Company Product.

II. Gift-with-purchase offers (merchandise, gift cards and the like) exclusive to the Company product are permitted, as long as they cannot be applied toward the purchase of the Company Products.

III. All store wide or category-wide discounts that run for a limited time are not violation of the MAP policy.

A Company Branded bundle rebate cannot be net against the price of any individual product in the bundle, or divided up and allocated against separate parts of the bundle; it may only be applied to the entire bundle.

When the rebate/discount offer is advertised as category-wide, multi-vendor offer and the discount values vary by product, the Company Branded products may not be advertised at a proportionality deeper discount than competitors products. Note the Company brand Products: MAP price must be shown, and the amount of % of the rebate may be shown, but the price may not be netted out on a reseller rebate offer.

Criteria for a Valid Category-Wide, Multi-Vendor Offer
The Advertised offer must on a category of products that includes at least one other major vendor in the addition to the company Branded Products. At a minimum, a Company branded product or products must be pictured, but the messaging in the advertisement must clearly and conspicuously state that the offer applies to any and all products in the relevant category carried by the reseller.

Process of Noticing and Correcting MAP Policy Violation

Our Policy: An Online or a Store Dealer can price Bone Mountain Motor Gear at suggested MAP level, but not lower!

If the Dealer does not cooperate with Bone Mountain Motor Gear pricing policies, the Bone Mountain authorized distributor will suspend the shipping and drop shipping of the Bone Mountain Motor Gear products for an indefinite period of time.

We reserve the right to change MAP prices, add or delete covered products, or change MAP policy guidelines.

You can find the latest policy guidelines and MAP Price List from your distributor, your Company Sales Representative, or request them by emailing: [email protected]

If you wish to be notified when changes have been made, or if you have any questions, please send a written request to: [email protected]

You may also contact the Company with questions at the following address:

Bone Mountain Motor Gear
5510 NE Antioch Rd #240
Kansas City, MO 64119

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