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Being on a bike frees you from carrying too much gear, but it’s still nice to have everyday necessities nearby and easily accessible – drinks, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, toll money – you know the drill.

We searched online and in motorcycle shops across the country for a safe and easy way to have our things close at hand. But it didn’t exist anywhere. After many rides with inconvenient storage options and a few dropped and shattered valuables, we came to a realization: we needed to create our own backrest organizer.

Thousands of miles of product testing later and countless conversations with riders and passengers along the way, we’ve designed a motorcycle product that is functional, durable and easy to use. We built it to endure the elements, designed it to look great on any motorcycle and made it multi-functional for comfort and convenience on and off the road.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to create innovative and useful motorcycle accessories for riders who enjoy convenience as much as they do adventure.

Lisa & James Bone
Bone Mountain Motor Gear®

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